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COVID-19 is not visible to the eye. It may be difficult to the people to accept its existence before facing it personally. Social distancing, minimal restrictions base on medical practitioners’ recommendations help to decrease spread of the virus. One of the vital objectives in new reality is to promote people’s responsible behavior.

MySafe is focused on people’s safety. It makes virus spread literally visible, which increases people’s awareness, helps them to control and behave responsibly. MySafe marks infected areas so people are free to select routes to work, stores etc., without entering infection areas or crossing with a route of an infected user. It helps people move freely, live normal life. MySafe serves business and economy by potentially decreasing number of infected people.

MySafe is social project. It collects users generated health status creating a database for virus spread analysis, foci of infection identification, more accurate planning of epidemiological and sanitary activities.

Your participation in MySafe project is popularization of responsible behavior, demonstration of your involvement into social life, sharing with the user responsibility for his safety, which will minimize the consequences of a pandemic

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